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May 21, 2023  |   Inspire

The Dynamic Duo of Breathwork and Sound Healing


Hi, I’m Nevita and welcome to this article where I delve into my personal experience with breathwork and explain the beautiful effects that unfold when breath and sound unite.

My introduction to breathwork came through my dear friend, Aimee Buchler. We initially connected as trainer and trainee a few months after I had my thyroid removed in September 2020. Aimee guided me through a six-month transformational program, helping me regain my physical shape and stabilize my hormonal and emotional imbalances through nutrition and self-development tools. At the end of each session, she'd lead me through a breathwork practice, which transported me to a weightless, cloud-like state of bliss, offering a safe haven from the pain and confusion I was experiencing at the time. Breathwork became my sanctuary, always within reach, accessible simply by closing my eyes and breathing.

Aimee then introduced me to breathwork practitioner Jordan Jack Turner, who took me on an unbelievable breathwork journey the first time we met. Jordan created a safe, supportive space that allowed me to open up and explore my suppressed emotions, which washed away with each conscious breath. From that day onwards, breathwork became a practice I stuck to daily and provided the perfect remedy during times stress or fatigue.

As time went on, my love for sound, chanting and devotional music culminated into what I refer to today as Vedic sound healing. As I honed this craft, I approached Jordan for a potential collaboration. He agreed and we hosted our first Breath and Sound event in central London. The synergy of these two practices was magical and we will discuss why in the paragraphs to come.

Breathwork's Influence on the Nervous System:

Breathwork, a potent practice in its own right, holds the key to regulating our autonomic nervous system. Changing the rhythm and rate of the breath stimulates the Vagus nerve, the longest cranial nerve in the body, which travels from the brainstem to the colon. The Vagus nerve is a key part of the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for our 'rest and digest' response (as opposed to the sympathetic nervous system which is responsible for our 'fight or flight' response). When stimulated, it helps promote deep relaxation.

The Impact of Sound on Brain Waves:

Sound healing harnesses the power of sound to influence our brain waves. Scientific research has revealed that specific sound frequencies induce distinct brainwave states, such as alpha, theta, and delta. These states correlate with deep relaxation, heightened creativity, and expanded consciousness. As we expose ourselves to targeted sound frequencies, our brainwaves align and our state of consciousness effortlessly shifts, creating a serene space of relaxation and openness.

Synergy Between Breath and Sound:

When breathwork and sound healing intertwine, their effects magnify each other synergistically. Intentional breathwork techniques quieten the part of the mind that is extremely active, silencing the many questions, doubts and distractions. This state sets the stage for the sound to take over and heal. As our breath rhythmically synchronizes with the sound frequencies, a beautiful coherence emerges within us, fostering a profound connection to ourselves. In the words of Jordan, breath leads us to the door of deeper connection and peace, sound is the key that opens it.

Resonance and Cellular Healing:

Sound healing operates on the principle of resonance, where specific frequencies resonate with the cells of our body. This resonance restores balance and harmony within our cellular structure, promoting rejuvenation and healing. When breath and sound intermingle, the vibrational waves penetrate deeply into our tissues and energy centres, magnifying the healing process.


By delving into the scientific dimensions of breathwork and sound healing, we uncover the remarkable power they hold. The regulation of the autonomic nervous system through breathwork, the influence of sound frequencies on brain waves, and the resonance at a cellular level all contribute to the holistic benefits that emerge when breath and sound intertwine. Whether it's the tranquillity induced by breathwork or the harmonizing effects of sound vibrations, this dynamic duo offers a profound path for healing, self-discovery, and personal growth that I hope will be experienced by all.

Sending you much love, light, and happiness.


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