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About Nevita

Nevita is one of the most exciting names in Vedic sound healing and a master of self-discovery and personal development.

Nevita is a gifted singer songwriter, sound healer and philosophy teacher who is devoted to showing and sharing the power of Vedic sound healing to help you re-energise your body, mind and soul. Through her private sessions, workshops, and events, Nevita incorporates the shruti and uses her healing vocal tones and devotional music to help you move through emotional blocks, reduce stress, bring more clarity and confidence to what is really important and gain a deeper connection to your heart and Spirit.

Through her courses, Nevita will teach you the great philosophical truths of ancient India. How to use breathwork and meditation to help deepen your understanding of how to change your state gracefully and how to open your heart and minds to the truth within. Helping you to live a happier, more fulfilled life.

The Beginning

Nevita’s love for music began at the tender age of three when she first started singing. As she grew older, her fascination with the power of the voice intensified, and she spent much of her free time honing her craft by singing at home, in choirs, and at school. Nevita pursued her passion for music by studying at the prestigious Academy of Contemporary Music in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Despite being approached by producers for contracts and record deals, Nevita felt a deeper calling to use her musical talent for a higher purpose - to heal and expand people’s lives. She was determined to find a way to combine her love of music with her desire to make a positive impact on the world.

In 2015, Nevita made the life-changing decision to move to India and join an Ashram in Malavli, a small town about 130km from Mumbai. For three years, she devoted herself to serving the local community and studying at the Ashram.

During her time in the Ashram Nevita was encouraged to focus on her studies, rather than her musical passions, causing great internal conflict. But Nevita found a way to adopt music into her daily studies by devoting time to learning the ancient sacred chants and Indian devotional music. It was during this time that Nevita realised that the voice was a powerful spiritual tool, and could be used for healing and personal development.

A love story that brought Nevita to England

At the end of her first year in the Ashram, Nevita met Kunal, who would later become her husband. Kunal had been visiting the Ashram regularly for about 10 years and during one visit in 2016 he saw Nevita rehearsing for a YPO event which she was going to be performing at that evening. Seeing her on the stage, singing a song about love and devotion, it was love at first sight.

After three years in the Ashram, in 2018 Nevita left, married Kunal and moved to London. Following years of dedicated service and strict daily routines Nevita struggled to adjust to her new life. She was with the man she adored, in a vibrant city, but a city she didn’t know, which didn’t know her, where she knew no one, she became lonely and confused. In her attempt to embrace this new life and hold on to her Ashram values Nevita once again found herself in conflict with her calling to music. So Nevita put her devotion to music to one side, convincing herself that it was opposed to her spiritual goals and also would limit her ability to build a new life for herself in London.

A life-changing diagnosis

After being in the UK for just under a year, Nevita became unwell and after a series of tests she received the diagnosis no one ever wants to hear. She had cancer, of the thyroid. Nevita immediately had surgery to remove half of her thyroid. But when her medical team suspected that the cancer had spread, she went on to have further surgery to remove the remaining half.

When Nevita was about to go into surgery for the second time her surgeon told her, ‘your voice may be altered, you may never speak again in the same way, or sing again’. Nevita had no choice, she had to choose her health, so she took the risk and went ahead with the surgery.

When Nevita had recovered from the surgery, she tried to sing, and the sound that came out stunned both her and Kunal. Nevita’s voice was more powerful, more tuneful, more soulful than ever. It was then that she knew her deep, intuitive calling was to music, and she must pursue it. So she did, Nevita set out to use her voice as an instrument for change and healing. It was the path she was always destined to follow, and so she did.

“This is my calling and my passion. I am dedicated to helping others with my voice, through the power of Vedic sound healing. It is what drives me, fuels my creativity and allows me to deliver transformative experiences for all those I am lucky to work with.”

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